Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrity Workouts: Get K-Stew's Slim Legs!

Kristen Stewart at this year's MTV Movie Awards
Kristen Stewart was a hot winner in this year's MTV Movie Awards as she bagged the Best Female Performance trophy and with the Twilight series nabbing 5 major awards.We can see that she rocked that super sexy red strapless dress, with those toned arms and slim legs. Find out how those luscious legs can be yours with these helpful exercise tips:

 1. Train your legs from all angles. Mix up your workout with a variety of leg exercises that will work up muscles you didn’t even realize you had.

2. Try walk lunges for your thighs and butt. Any time you have spare time, stand at one end of your room and walk to the other side with your hands on your hips, make sure to alternate the use of your legs and walking in a lunge position.

3. Try cable adduction movements! It does wonders for your inner thighs and tones your calves and butt.  Use a resistance band or a cable from a weight machine and attach it to your inner ankle. Bring the attached leg away from your body and bring it back again to your other leg and do this for a couple of reps then switch legs.

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